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DKAGCH DKSPCH SAG(hopp)CH Shetla's Emsi at Equinox - Emsi


Emsi is hard to describe in any specific way, because her personality varies greatly depending on the situation. That is why she can be both very annoying and oh so loveable.

The gentle Emsi: is when she wants to be petted and scratched and snuggles up beside us.
The stressed Emsi: is when we come home or the dogs are being feed and she jumps frantically straight up and down while barking.
The child loving Emsi: she loves kids, especially Nicolai.
The quiet Emsi: When we are visiting she normally lies down close by, in a position where she can keep an eye on us - probably so that we will not leave without her. You rarely notice that she is present.
Emsi the work-aholic: Last, but not least; Emsi loves agility and when Jesper trains or is running at a competition with her, she is always 100% focused.

Emsi had her debut in agility competitions May 2007, where most competitions were DcH trials (one of the two major organisors of agility in Denmark - the Danish Kennel Klub being the other). In DcH she advanced all the way to class 3 and qualified for DcH's national championship. Here she ran two nice runs (2nd and 3rd places), however the third was a disqualification (mostly due to a handling error), which in total of course amounts to nothing special.
Emsi also had her share of DKK competitions, where she advance to class 2 and qualified for the official National Championships. This championship is "only" two trials, one jump and one agility (combined). Emsi had two really good runs, except for the small detail of jumping through the frame of the tire jump in the jumping trial.
In all her trials in 2007 Emsi ran clean runs in more than 50% and she won more that 1/3 of all her trials.

Emsi won the title danish jumping champion (DKSPCH) in 2008, during the entire season more than half her starts resulted in clean runs and she won 4 out of 10 runs!

In the fall of 2008, October 13th, Emsi had her first litter. This was also the first litter for our kennel. The entire story about Emsi's E-litter can be read here.

Emsi won the title Danish Agility Champion (DKAGCH) on June 21st 2009 in Hillerød. The three result required for the title was won within a period of just 7 weeks, after she had been in agility grade 3 for almost 12 months! Although she did have a break from agility for about 4 months when she had her E-litter.

2009 was the first year with the new "Open Danish Championships" in agility. The competition was held in Pjedsted, just north of Fredericia. Emsi was placed third in jumping and first in agility - giving the the overall win and the title Danish Champion 2009!
The Danish Championship was also the last result needed to secure the title "Agility Sheltie 2009" (small), which is awarded by the Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club.

Emsi qualified for the FCI Agility World Championships in Dornbirn Austria.

Fotograf: Jesper Kjær
  • Female
  • Born 21st March 2005
  • Eye status - free
  • HD status - A (free)
  • Full dentition
Emsi - Photo: Henriette Kjær
Emsi 2 months old on the terrace.
Emsi - Photo: Jesper Kjær
1 year old.

Emsi - Photo: Jesper Kjær
Emsi with the winnings from her first competition (2 days)!

Emsi - Photo: Gitte Hoffmeister,
Emsi at DKK competition in Langeskov, 5th Aug. 2007.

Emsi Video 01 Profile

Jesper & Emsi at DcHs Danish Championships 2007.

Jesper & Emsi, DKK Viby, 19th April 2008 - first Jumping-Cert.!

Jesper & Emsi, DKK, Ribe, 10th May 2008 - 2nd Jumping-Cert.!


Danish Team Champions 2011 at the Kennel Club Nationals 2011 in Ribe, with the team "Hyrdehundene og det sorte får"; Lillian Rose w/ Mille, Julie Holten-Møller w/ Chilli and Susanne Prier w/ Unique.

Danish Kennel Klub "Agility Dog of the Year" combined no. 2, also combined no. 2 in "All Round Dog of the Year".

Danish Team Champions 2010 at the Danish Championships in Albertslund, with the team "Dem fra Vejle - nu med forstærkning"; Lillian Rose w/ Mille, Anne-Mette Hemdrup w/ Tyson, and Anne Kew w/ Hector.

The Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club awarded Emsi the title: "Agility Sheltie 2009".

2009.12.12 - Emsi won certificate with a 2nd place and won the title Swedish Jumping Champion at the international show "Hund 2009" in Stockholm.

Local Club Champion 2009 DcH Støvring, Competitors Class.

Individual 6th place, World Championships 2009, Dornbirn, Austria - individual jumpers; 25th, agility; 11th, combined 6th.

Danish Kennel Klub "Agility Dog of the Year" combined no. 2, and placed no. 2 in the finals.

Danish Championships 2009 - individual jumpers; 3rd, agility; 1st, combined 1st place - Danish Champion 2009.

2009.06.21 - Emsi won her third certificate in agility grade 3 in Hillerød and therefor received the title Danish Agility Champion (DKAGCH).

28.05.26 - Emsi won her third certificate in jumping grade 3 in Odense and therefore received the title Danish Jumpers Champion (DKSPCH).

Emsi's best show result was in Brøndby the 29th of July 2006, judge M. C. S. Boyd (NZ), junior class 1. price, 4th-winner, SL, CK (Excellent).

Local competition DcH Støvring, fall 2005 - Emsi won her first trophy in the "pilot class" (obedience) where she placed first.

Results Emsi DcH agility
Results DcH agility
SP1 Hjerl hede, 20.05.2007, 2nd pl.
First DcH competition (and her second competition ever.)
Judge: Jim Hempel.
AG1 Hjerl hede, 20.05.2007., 1st pl.
Emsis first DcH competition.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
Givskud, 03.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Jim Hempel.
Støvring, 26.05.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Thomas Ammitzbøll
Kolding, 16.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
Givskud, 02.06.2007, 1st pl.
3 results (clean runs) in a row in DcH - super dog
Judge: Jim Hempel
SP2 Kolding, 16.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
AG2 Ikast, 23.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Inger Jensen
Horsens, 25.08.2007, 2nd pl.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
Herning, 24.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Inger Jensen
Horsens, 26.08.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Thyholm, 19.08.2007, 1st pl.
Advanced to class 3 after just 8 DcH competitions!
Judge: Per Vestergaard
SP3 Aalborg, 05.04.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Morten Juul Hansen
AG3 Thyholm, 19.08.2007, 1st pl.
7th result in just 8 competitions and 9 trials in DcH!
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Skagen, 17.05.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Tove M. Christensen
Horsens, 25.08.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Frederikshavn, 07.07.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Tove M. Christensen
Aalborg, 06.04.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Tove M. Christensen

Results Emsi DKK agility
Results DKK agility
SP1 Hjerl hede, 19.05.2007, 1st pl.
Emsi first competition!
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
AG1 Ribe 10.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Thomas Ammitzbøll
Vejle, 30.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Morten Juhl Hansen
Vejle, 30.06.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Morten Juhl Hansen
Ribe, 27.10.2007, 1st pl.
Advanced to class 2 after just 6 DKK competitions.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Langeskov, 05.08.2007, 1st pl.
Advanced to class 2 after just 5 DKK competitions.
Judge: Thomas Ammitzbøll
SP2 Ribe, 27.10.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
AG2 Ribe, 27.10.2007, 1st pl.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Ribe, 09.02.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Ribe, 10.05.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Peter Holmberg (SE)
DKK Viby, 18.04.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Kurt Jensen
Odense, 26.05.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Hans Peter Dinesen
SP3 DKK Viby, 19.04.2008, 1st pl.
Judge: Jim Hempel
AG3 Int. Fredericia, 02.05.2009, 2nd pl.
Judge: Erling U. Rasmussen
Ribe, 10.05.2008, 1st pl.
Second certificate after just 10 DKK competitions!
Judge: Ken Fogelberg
Ribe, 30.05.2009, 1st pl.
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Odense, 26.05.2008, 1st pl. CHAMPION!
Judge: Per Vestergaard
Hillerød, 21.06.2009, 1st pl. CHAMPION!
Judge: Lars Hindsgaul

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