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Puppies - Kennel Sims Saints Buggy's B-Litter

Buggy's mating
Buggy was mated at the start of February 2009 with Shetla`s Ergo At Equinox (our own Emsi's siebling). We have been very pleased with Emsi's puppies and we are looking forward to see the final results of the combination of Buggy and Ergo!
Ergo is owned by our good friend, Tina Mette Jørgensen - Kennel Shaquana.

Below; Buggy on the left, Ergo on the right.

Buggy visited Ergo from January 31st to February 8th, and things went really well.
Buggy behaved as if she had always has been living with Tina and Kim and the dogs Ergo, Chester, and Genie.
Buggy and Ergo mated on February 5th and 6th. Initially Tina tried to assist by holding Buggy's collar, but it didn't work out. In the end Tina just let them out into the garden and then they managed all on their own. Read the whole story and see the pictures on Tina's blog.

04.03.2009 - Buggy scanned
Buggy was scanned today at Hobro Dyrehospital, the vet thinks that there are four puppies.
Now it only remains to be seen if it is correct!
Buggy's due date is Thursday 9th April, which means that it will be easter puppies!

Buggy's B-litter, three puppies, has now been born. They were born on April 8th at about 4 o'clock in the morning.
Henriette spent the night in the puppies room with Buggy. Buggy kept her awake most of the night as she was very restless. Eventually she settled down and Henriette finally fell asleep. Suddenly she woke op at the sound of Buggy licking puppy no. 2! Buggy was licking the amnion away and biting the umbilical cord. At the same time no. 1 was laying next to Buggy. This was 3:45 AM and at 4.00 AM puppy no. 3 arrived. All in all everything went pretty fast and smooth.

The litter consists of:

No. 1
Born 3:30 AM(?)
Tricolour male with white collar
Birth weight: 180 g

No. 2
Born 3:45 AM
Tricolour female with white collar
Birth weight: 190 g

No. 3
Born 4:00 AM
Sable male with white collar
Birth weight: 110 g

No. 3 is somewhat smaller than the other two and didn't really want to eat initially. Henriette went out to buy some formular to get him started and ensure that he got something to eat. However, when she returned home he was laying with Buggy sucking milk. For now it appears that he is OK. We will keep an eye on him and regularely offer him formular in order to ensure that he gets enough to eat / to check that he gets enough from Buggy.

The B-litter in the milk bar, just over one day old.

No. 1, 30 hours old.

No. 2, 30 hours old.

No. 3, 30 hours old.

All three puppies has been eating well and are all doing fine. It looks as if no. 3 are now able to eat entirely on his own.
If we compare growth as a percentage of their birth weight there is very little difference between the three of them. They have all grown just about 50% heavier, which is really good!

This morning their weights were:

No. 1 - Tricolour male
260 g

No. 2 - Tricolour female
290 g

No. 3 - Sable male
161 g

B-litter 4 days old.
No. 1 shaking vigorously in order to get some milk, while no. 2 is fast asleep and no.3 crawls closer to Buggy to get warm.

The boys are sleeping while the girl goes to the milk bar (2 days old).

All three sleeping... (4 days old.)

Buggy's B-litter is now 8 days old and the puppies have been named. We have chosen a Disney / Pixar theme, where the first letter must be "B", as it is the first litter we are having with Buggy.
We have monitored their weights closely in order to check if they are gaining according to plan and so far they are gaining nicely. All three puppies have doubbled in weight on the 7th and 8th day.

Buzz, 8 days old - 366 g

No. 1 has been named:
Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear is Space Ranger and Nicolai's favourite cartoon character and favourite toy. Buzz Lightyear appears in the Disney/Pixar movies Toy Story © and Toy Story 2 ©.

Belle, 8 days - 425 g

No. 2 has been named:
Sims Saints Beautiful Belle

Belle is the Beauty from (amongst others the Disney movie) Beauty and the Beast.

Bolt, 8 days - 235 g

No. 3 has been named:
Sims Saints Bolt Lightning

Bolt is the main character in the Disney movie "Bolt". The movie is about a dog who is the star in a TV show where he has super powers. Bolt therefore thinks that he actually has super powers.

This morning Belle opened her eyes as the first one. She celebrated her new found ability to see demonstrating another new ability; walking. Although she was walking in a wobbling fashion. Buzz and Bolt didn't notice at all, as they were fast asleep - which can be seen in the video to the right.

Their weight gains are progressing nicely. This morning, 13 days old, their weights were as follows:

No. 1 - Buzz
480 g

No. 2 - Belle
550 g

No. 3 - Bolt
350 g

Buggy's B-litter, 13 days old.
The puppies are doing really well. They are growing and thriving nicely and they are becoming more and more active!
However, it is still important to rest! Which can be clearly seen from the picture below - Buzz is relaxing on Buggy's stomach

B-litter on their first trip outside the box.

Belle outside the box - 2 weeks old.

Belle in the box with Nicolai - it is nice to be petted. And Nicolai really loves the puppies!

Buzz and Bolt trying to break out. It actually looks as if Bolt trying to just walk through the fence - maybe he is trying to apply some of his imaginary super powers?!?
This jail breaking attempt has resulted in the blinding of the bottom of the fence with card board, so that the puppies can't get their heads stuck between the bars!

Buzz looking rather lost outside the box.

Buzz and Bolt in the box - 2 weeks old.

At the age of 3 weeks the puppies have been introduce to solid food. The first meal they got was minced horse with some formular, for the second meal today we added some Kingsmoor puppy, which had been softened and crushed.

Initially they didn't realize that it was food. However, when they realized it was food they really went at it!
While they were eating Buggy had to sit ourside the fence looking envious .

The B-litter is now 4 weeks old and they are really active now! They are often playing and fighting with each other and they really seek contact when we come in. Especially Belle who is much like her mother, if we sit down she immediatedly tries to climb up onto our lap.

4 weeks old their weights are as follows:

Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear
845 g

Sims Saints Beautiful Belle
1050 g

Sims Saints Bolt Lightning
715 g

Which means that Belle is holding tight onto her lead! But the two boys are trying to keep up, they both eat and grow niecly

Below; snuggling and resting 06.05.2009.

Buzz, 4 weeks old - thinking it's a bit boring having his picture taken!

Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear, 4 weeks.

Sims Saints Beautiful Belle, 4 weeks.

Sims Saints Bolt Lightning, 4 week.


08.05.2009 - Belle posing in the doorway to the puppies' room.

10.05.2009 - The whole litter have spent all their energy, Bolt looks really tired!

08.05.2009 - Buggy takin gup all available space, Belle looks as if she is feeling sorry for herself...

Bolt enjoying the sun and the grass in the garden.

The whole family gathered. The puppies do still suckle quit a bit, however, they also eat very well when they get "real" food.

14.05.2009 - Buzz and Bolt playing in the dog basket - the puppies are really active now - playing and fighting!

It is really difficult getting up over the edge! The B-litter enjoying the garden for the first time 14.05.2009

12.05.2009 - Playing in the kitchen.

14.05.2009 - The puppies in the garden for the first time.

Emsi playing with Buzz, she thinks that if you hit a puppy on the head with the rope a sufficient number og times it must learn to play tug?

14.05.2009 - Emsi is really good with the puppies, and Buggy has accepted that by now. At first Buggy was a little protective of the puppies

16.05.2009 - Everybody relaxing.
From the left: Belle, Buzz og Bolt.

15-05-2009 - Belle and Bolt playing.

Monday the puppies came with Henriette to visit her colleagues at work, even though she is on holiday for the last two weeks where we have the puppies.This meant that they had their first meating with an open office environment , which is being explored in the picture on the right...

The puppies were chipped Tuesday, that was not something they enjoyed. They howled and screamed so much that even Mille (who don't think too highly of puppies in her house) had to come and check if they were okay. She even licked Bolt in the ear in order to console him.

Today, Thursday, the puppies went to the vet in Aalborg for their health check up, including their eyes. All the puppies were found to be in good condition, and none of them got any remarks on their eyes, so in every aspect they are in the best of health.

Emsi playing with Belle while Bolt and Buzz is playing with each other.

Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear
7 weeks old.
Weight: 1680 g.
In the future Buzz will be called Eddie.

Sims Saints Beautiful Belle
7 weeks old.
Weight: 2360 g.
In the future Belle will be called Asja.

Sims Saints Bolt Lightning
7 weeks old.
Weight: 1660 g.
Bolt will (as the only one) keep his name , which means that he in the future will be called Bolt.

Today the last two puppies left to go to their new homes. Buzz (Eddie) already left two days ago. The house is now (relatively) quiet.
Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear (Eddie) has moved in with Vinni and her husband Jan in Skagen, where he will be living together with the koiker hondje Macula. Vinni and Eddie are planning to compete in agility just as Macula does.
Sims Saints Beautiful Belle (Asja) has also moved north of the Limfjorden, where she will be living with Karina and Emil.
Sims Saints Bolt Lightning (Bolt) has moved to Herning, where he will be living with Emilie and her family, who already has the dog Niko. Emilie is also planning to use Bolt for agility .

In the picture on the right all the pippies are still together here in our house, just before Buzz left. They are playing with Buggy with the ball on a string - that toy was also very popular with Emsi's hvalpe.
Belle (Asja) was mostly interested in the camera and a little bit in the way

Below are the last portrait pictures of the puppies 8 weeks old.

03.06.2009 - Buggy playing with the puppies - Asja is the curious one

Sims Saints Buzz Lightyear (Eddie)
8 weeks old.

Sims Saints Beautiful Belle (Asja)
8 weeks old.

Sims Saints Bolt Lightning (Bolt)
8 weeks old.