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Emsi E-litter - Kennel Sims Saints Emsi's E-litter

Enjoy (Freja), Enter, and Exit are in their new homes, and we are really please with the homes we have found for them all!

Emsi was mated in the days from the 11th to the 15th of August.

Emsi & Nox - Photo: Kristin Henkel

Emsi was mated with Nox from Excellent Choice Shelties ( in Germany.
For more information see news from 19.08.2008.
The ultra sound showed at least two puppies. Emsi's due date was October 12th.

Emsi & the E-litter - Photo: Jesper Kjær The puppies were born in the morning the 13th of October 2008.

No. 1
Born at 4:05
Sable female with a blaze
Birth weight: 195g

No. 2
Born at 4:50
Dark sable male with a blaze
Birth weight: 214g

No. 3
Born at 5:35
Tricolour male
Birth weight: 223g

The picture on the right is from day one, 13.10.2008, 10 o'clock in the morning. The puppies are only 5-6 hours old. Emsi just lays there calmly and lets the puppies suckle and get warm.
The birth process ran smothly. It was really amazing to see how instincts completely takes control. Emsi knew instinctively what to do. She began licking the first puppy and ate the afterbirth. At no. 1 and 2 we helped her cut the umbilical cord, however at no. 3 she bit it herself.
No. 3 had the thoughest birth. He came out hind legs first, so Emsi had to push a few times extra. But there were no problems when he finally came out.

No. 1, about 12 hours old.

No. 2, about 11 hours old.

No. 3, about 10 hours old.

The litter two days old, no.1 is on top. And here they have rolled half a round...

No. 1 two days old. No. 2 two days old. No. 3 two days old.

Alle puppies are doing really well and Emsi is still en excellent mother. She looks after the puppies and keeps them clean and anxiously looks if one of them makes a sound if she is away from the basket.
The puppies have gained nicely in weight. Each of them have gained between 50 and 75g, which means that they all weight between 270 og 290g.
Emsi is now eating together with the other dogs again. She is able to leave the puppies for a couple of minutes without panicking too much. The other dogs are really interested in Emsi and the little ones she is keeping for herself inside the fence. However, Emsi is of the oppinion that they ought to keep a distance from the fence!

Nicolai is congratulating Emsis on her litter in the picture on the right!

We have now decided on names for the puppies, so this is the official names of the litter:

No. 1
Zable female with a blaze
Sims Saints Enjoy First

No. 2
Dark zable male with a blaze
Sims Saints Enter First

No. 3
Tricolour male
Sims Saints Exit First

The puppies are well and after just 4 days they have gained more than 50% in weight, which means that they all just above 300g each.

Emsi is still in a good mood and she produces plenty of milk for the puppies, we even discovered some milk on the floor!

Emsi feeding the puppies.

The puppies are now one week old, and still gaining nicely in weight.
They weights are as follows:

No. 1 - Enjoy
385 g

No. 2 - Enter
412 g

No. 3 - Exit
396 g

Which means they they have all almost doubbled their weight since they were born one week ago.

One week old - sleeping sweetly.
From left to right: Enter, Exit, and Enjoy
Enter sleeping REALLY well


Even though we are only 10 days old we may occasionally be feed up with each other!
Then it is good to know that we have Nicolai to sleep next to instead

The puppies are now 14 days old and they have opened their eyes. It makes them seem a bit more "dog-like" and they have much more personality now that you are actually able to make eyecontact with them.
As you can see from the video below they are starting to move or walk using all four legs instead of just crawling flat on their stomachs. Their are developing so fast, it is really exiting to follow!

Emsi's E-litter - 14 days old

The puppies have "broken out" of their crate! This morning Exit was out of the crate, standing with his little nose pressed through the grate, looking at the new and larger world. He had climbed over the edge of the basket and Enter was inside the basket standing on his hind legs with his front legs over the edge as well, ready to take the plunge!

Now we have opened the basket and placed a small step so that the puppies easily can enter and exit the basket.
We have also introduced the puppies to the other dogs and opened the fence so that the adult dogs can go in and out as they please.

We have also checked the weight of the puppies:

640 g

770 g

693 g

This means that they have all more or less tripled their birth weight!

Below are three portrait pictures of the E-litter. Enjoy was pretty sleepy, however we did get one picture where she looks relatively fresh!

The E-litter 16 days old.

The E-litter 17 days old - first trip outside the basket.

Enjoy 17 days old.

Enter 17 days old.

Exit 17 days old.

The puppies are really beginning to be active! They have begun playing / fighting and they are much more aware of their surroundings, which can also be seen in the video below.
As the picture shows they have been introduced to more people, include children. Julie fell in love with Exit and proclaimed on their way home that she would like to have him "because I love him". However, her parents, Cita and Per are of a different opinion.
Per helped make a fenced yard for the puppies outside. It will be a while before the puppies will be introduced to this play ground though.

Happy days! Enter does not like to be knocked of his feet!

The puppies are now really active and they investigate and play with the toys we have given them.
The puppies plays and fights a lot, which can be seen in the video on the right!

Now that they are 3 weeks old, we have also checked their weights:

835 g

980 g

910 g

The E-litter 3 weeks old - playing.

Enjoy 3 weeks old. Enter 3 weeks old. Exit 3 weeks old.

During the last week we have been letting the puppies into the living room. They have been enjoying that very much - their world just got a lot bigger!
However, this has also resulted in a lot of complaining and whining from behind the fence. They want to get out all the time and they try to scale the "door" where the grown dogs are able to jump over.
The puppies have also begun eating solid food. Kingsmoor Puppy softened in water, maybe with some minced horse meat and bones - they really liked that!

At 4 weeks it was also time for a weight check:

1050 g

1330 g

1185 g

E-litter 4 weeks old - dinner time.

Enjoy, Enter og Exit are 4˝ weeks old now - the time just flies away!

They are increasingly active, exploring the house and playing. However, a large part of the time is still spent sleeping and then of course eating.

They spend the night inside the fence as well as when we are at work. When we are at home they are in the living room with us, the other dogs, and the cats all the time.
They are really unhappy in the morning and complaining loudly when they wake up wanting to be let out. Enter has demonstrated that a 4 weeks old puppy is actually able to howl like a wolf!!!

Enjoy trotting happily along.

Enjoy sleeping sweetly...

Enter playing with Nicolais rocking elephant.

Exit relaxing in the kitchen.

The puppies are now 5 weeks old and just filled with energy!
We have taken a few portrait and profile pictures, which can be seen below.
Furthermore we have measured their weights again and they are gaining weight nicely! They are now eating soaked Kingsmoor Puppy as their teeth are really coming through. That also means that everything is a potential biting toy!

1310 g

Enjoy 5 weeks old.
1840 g

Enter 5 weeks old.
1520 g

Exit 5 weeks old.

In the picture on the right Enter is examining Nicolais Lightning McQueen puzzle racetrack. Nicolai HSA been instructed that toys are best kept away from the floor, but he doesn't listen all the time. The puppies are examining everything at the moment, and they prefer to do the examining with their teeth.

Emsi playing with the E-litter at just over 5 weeks of age.

22.11.2008 - Emsis E-kuld are now reserved
All of Emsi's E-litter are now reserved. Enjoy has, as the last one, found a new home today. This means that all three puppies are reserved and we are very pleased with the homes we have found for them.
We have bought a crate for transporting the puppies, which we will use when they are going to the vet. In the picture below you can see that we have set it up in the living room, so that the puppies can get used to it. However, the puppies have a tendency to pull the blanket out from the crate .

Enter and Exit testing the new blanket.

"What a lot of toys", Enjoy is thinking.

"I wonder if the best isn't at the bottom?"

This week the puppies where chipped. They felt pretty sorry for them selves, but that quickly passed.

The 3 little darlings also had their first trip in a car this week. They went with Henriette to meet her co-workers. The trip there is only about 10-15 minutes. They were VERY unhappy about the confinemet in the transport box. The complaining started already before the car was started, so it was mostly the confinement and not so much the driving that was the cause of their howling. They sounded just like when they want to be let out into the living room from their sleeping quarters in the morning. The trip itself went okay, only Enjoy was shaking a little bit when they arrived.

However, none of the puppies were permanently damaged, when they arrived at Henriettes job they just happily ran around all over the place, up and down the hallways with their tails straight into the air. They really enjoyed the amount of space and the fact that they were able to get better traction and speed on the carpets. It was really nice to see how unimpressed they were with the new surroundings and all the new people who wanted to talk to them and pet them - and on top of that it was immediatedly after their first trip in a car.

On the trip back home Enter and Enjoy fell asleep almost immediatedly. Exit didn't sleep right away, initially he whimpered a bit but quickly settled down as well. When they arrived home they were all fast asleep. They shortly greeted the other dogs and then they went back to sleep.
Apparently the trip in the box wasn't too bad as both Enter and Enjoy was sleeping inside the box later that day.

6 weeks old in the garden.

Exit just over 6 weeks old.

Enter - first time in the garden.

Enjoy playing in the garden.

The puppies are now 7 weeks old. During the week that has passed they have developed a lot. Their personalities become more and more distinct and it is a lot of fun to see how different they actually are.
One thing they all have in common is that they want to play with toys, carrying and tucking, which can be seen in the pictures below. This trait is probably something they have from Emsi as she is likes carrying things a lot.

The E-litter 7 weeks.

Playing with the ball!

Exit is testing the pillow which he gets to take home.

Exit resting on Nicolai's bag.

The puppies are 8 weeks old now and in the week that has passed they were checked at the vet. They had the standard health check and they had their eyes checked as well, and there were found no problems at all.

The last couple of weeks Emsi has been playing a lot with the puppies. Sometimes it gets pretty wild, loud, and fierce. However this also helps educate the puppies concerning right and wrong and proper behaviour, as Emsi sometimes have to tell them that they are getting too wild. .
Sometimes the whole bunch runs through the house, Emsi with a toy in her mouth with all the puppies behind her growling and barking.

Emsi and Enter fighting over the long rope!

Enter testing the pillow he gets to take home to his new home.

Enjoy testing Nicolai's bag .

Exit playing with the puppies favourite toy - ball with a rope.

Exit has now left us in order to go to his new home. He has moved to the city Virum on Zealand, where he is going to live with his uncle Elliot (Emsi's litter mate), Jane, Hans-Ole, and their daughters.

The trip to his new home went very well and Elliot accepted Exit right away. His new familiy tells us that they quickly started running around the house playing.

Exit playing with his uncle Elliot.

Enter and Enjoy attempting to kill Santa!

It's pretty quite in the house now. All the puppies have left for their new homes. Friday Enjoy (with her new name "Freja") left for her new home on the island Bornholm in the Baltic sea. That also meant that she was in for a brand new experience as she was going to fly home! She is going to live with Hanne, Jesper, their daughters, and the dogs Laika and Gandhi.

Saturday Enter left as the last one. He moved to Lemvig, where he is going to live with Konrad, Inge-Dorte, their daughters, and the dogs Marco and Ari.

Enter is going to keep his name, like Exit, and we hope that he will live up to his name ”Enter First” at the agility competitions in a couple of years .

We are really pleased that our dogs all have such lovely new homes and we wish them and their new families the best of luck in the future!

Enter on the beach with his new familiy and pack.

Freja (Enjoy) relaxing on the couch.

Sims Saints Enjoy First (Freja)
8 weeks old

Sims Saints Enter First (Enter)
8 weeks old

Sims Saints Exit First (Exit)
8 weeks old