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Puppies - Kennel Sims Saints Puppies

We have no plans for puppies at the moment.

Puppies from us come with the following:
  • DKK pedigree
  • Chipped
  • Eyes have been checked
  • Vaccination
  • Treated for worms
  • Pillow / blanket with scent from mother and siblings
  • 4 kg Kingsmoor Puppy dogfood

Previous litters:

Buggys U-kuld
Born 04.11.2010

Buggys B-litter
Born 08.04.2009

Emsi's E-litter
Born 13.10.2008

Buggy's 2nd litter
Born 02.01.2008 at Excellent Choice in Germany.

Buggy's 1st litter
Born 11.03.2007 at Excellent Choice in Germany.