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Kennel Sims Saints
Henriette og Jesper Kjær
Sankt Annevej 4
9610 Nørager

We are a family consisting of 2 adults, one child (Nicolai), 5 shelties, and 3 cats. We live in an old farmhouse just south of a small town called Haverslev, which is situated 35 km south of Aalborg in the Northern part of Denmark.
Our dogs, and working with them, are our main interest. Even though we do the occasional obedience training, show, and show training, agility remains our great passion. Most weekends during the summer and some during the winter are spent at agility trials all over the country.

Why is our kennel called Sims Saints?
Originally we wanted to simply name the kennel "Sims" - after our first sheltie Simone whose pet name was Sims. Unfortunately Sims was registered in Holland in 1982, so we had to come up with some other name. Since we live on Sankt Annevej (Saint Anne's Road) we got the idea for Sims Saints. This way our kennel was still named after Simone.

Have Taken The Danish Kennel Club Education We had our first litter in the fall of 2008 with DKSPCH Shetla's Emsi At Equinox, Emsi.
We want to breed typical shelties, which are both healthy and eager to work. The puppies will be raised in our house / living room together with our other dogs, cats, our son, and our selves. We will try to give the puppies the best start in life, so that they can easily adapt to their new homes and families when they leave us.

In 2009 Henriette took "The Danish Kennel Club Breeder Education". She took this education because we think that it is very important to have as much knowleddge as possible when it comes to breeding dogs!

You can find more videos with us and our dogs on our channel on YouTube;