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Sims Saints - YouTube - Our channel on - with even more videos!

Sims Saints - Picasa - More pictures of dogs. Not just our own dogs but also pictures taken at competitions for instance.

Excellent Choice Shelties - GoGo's breeder in Germany, where we bought Buggy, and the kennel where Emsis first "boy friend" Nox lives.

Kennel Shetla - Emsis breeder, Nanna Holt Kjær, who has two of Emsi's sisters and of course her mother Breezy.

Kennel Callidus - Gitte and Prebens dogs and kennel. They are good friends of ours and have (amongst others) Emsi's sister Zinnia.

Kennel Shaquane - blog for Tina Mette, agility instructor and one of our good friends who also has one of Emsi's brothers; Ergo.

Kennel Voicy - Louise is also one of our good friends, who breeds shelties and competes in agility.

Kennel Pieyas - Inge is also one of our good sheltie and agility friends.

Kennel Mianet - Kirsten & Gert Klitsgaard's homepage.

Dog friends
Buggy's son Bolt - here you can follow the every day life of Bolt with his family.

Familien-Carstensen - our very good friends who also have shelties and compete in agility!

Helle's Hunde - Helle is one of our friends from DcH Støvring, who competes in agility with her border collie Aya.

Hannibal & Jerry - Catrine is one of our friends from DcH Støvring who runs with her sheltie Jerry. - Leila and René are some of our friends from DcH Støvring who have the shelties Victor and Tristan. - Lone Pedersens homepage with much information about the sheltie, agility and last but not least Lone's dogs.

Other links
Danish Championships in Agility - homepage for the Danish Championship in Agility, an event hosted by the Danish Kennel Club.

DcH's DM - homepage for the DcH Danish Championships.

Danish National Agility Team - Official - the official page with information about criteria, qualification results etc. from The Danish Kennel Club.

Danish National Agility Team - unofficial page with information about the Danish national team in agility, results, minute by minute updates during international events and much more.

Blog for the National Agility Team - the Danish National Team's "own" blog with information about the team members for instance.

Dansk Shetland Sheepdog Klub - (Danish Shetland Sheepdog Club) the club for shelties organised under the Danish Kennel Club (DKK).

Dansk Kennel Klub (DKK) - (The Danish Kennel Club) is the largest oragnisation in Denmark for dog owners.