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News 2008 - Kennel Sims Saints News 2008

15.12.2008 - The E-litter has left for their new homes
It's pretty quite in the house now. All the puppies have left for their new homes.
Exit has left us in order to go to his new home in the city Virum on Zealand, where he is going to live with his uncle Elliot (Emsi's litter mate), Jane, Hans-Ole, and their daughters.
Friday Enjoy (with her new name "Freja") left for her new home on the island Bornholm in the Baltic sea. That also meant that she was in for a brand new experience as she was going to fly home! She is going to live with Hanne, Jesper, their daughters, and the dogs Laika and Gandhi.
Saturday Enter left as the last one. He moved to Lemvig, where he is going to live with Konrad, Inge-Dorte, their daughters, and the dogs Marco and Ari.
Read the whole story about Emsi's E-litter.

Sims Saints Enjoy First (Freja)
8 weeks old

Sims Saints Enter First (Enter)
8 weeks old

Sims Saints Exit First (Exit)
8 weeks old

22.11.2008 - Emsis E-kuld are now reserved
All of Emsi's E-litter are now reserved. Enjoy has, as the last one, found a new home today. This means that all three puppies are reserved and we are very pleased with the homes we have found for them.
We have bought a crate for transporting the puppies, which we will use when they are going to the vet. In the picture below you can see that we have set it up in the living room, so that the puppies can get used to it. However, the puppies have a tendency to pull the blanket out from the crate .

Enter and Exit testing the new blanket.

"What a lot of toys", Enjoy is thinking.

"I wonder if the best isn't at the bottom?"

25.10.2008 - Local competition at our club DcH Støvring
The annual local competition in our club was held Saturday 25th of October. The results were nothing to brag about, although Buggy did claim the moral victory in the beginners class. The course was a simple U-shaped course with only 5 obstacles. The course was run in both directions, and the best result was used for finding the winner. Buggy placed 3rd and 4th respectively, which resulted in a 4th place (of seven dogs), however she was the only one who had two clean runs.
Two clean runs was actually quite good as she has so far only trained running forward using the back chaining method.
GoGo was running in the competitors class and she had a very nice run in the jumpers run, where her "only" mistake was taking the wrong tunnel entrance. In the agility run she had a couple of contact errors and a refusal on the slalom. So we did not get any silverware for the mantle piece this time .
Buggy - Photo: Heidi Pedersen
Picture of Buggy taken earlier at a training session.

18.10.2008 - Emsi's E-litter
Ours and Emsi's first litter was born in the morning 13th October 2008.
Nicolai is congratulating Emsis on her litter in the picture on the right!

The puppies and their development can be followed here: Emsi's E-litter.

We have now decided on names for the puppies, so this is the official names of the litter:

No. 1
Zable female with a blaze
Sims Saints Enjoy First

No. 2
Dark zable male with a blaze
Sims Saints Enter First

No. 3
Tricolour male
Sims Saints Exit First

The puppies are well and after just 4 days they have gained more than 50% in weight, which means that they all just above 300g each.

Emsi is still in a good mood and she produces plenty of milk for the puppies, we even discovered some milk on the floor!

Emsi feeding the puppies.

10.10.2008 - Ready for puppies
Emsi - Photo: Jesper Kjær All preparations for Emsi's puppies have now been ready for some time. Emsi's due date is the 12th of October, which means that we are beginning to get really exited!
In the picture on the right Emsi is cheking the new box for the puppies. She is digging and nesting and it seems like she approves of the new surroundings.

We have converted "the small room" into a puppy bedroom with box and fence. The room is in direct connection to our living room. This means that Emsi and the puppies can be isolated from the other dogs when we are not at home. When we are at home we can open the door and keep the fence closed. This way we can easily check on Emsi and the puppies, without the other dogs are able to bother Emsi or the puppies.

Emsi has become very round and groans loudly when we lift her up. Otherwise she does not seem hampered by her current state. She still jumps up and down when the dogs are being feed and she is still able to sprint down throught the yard with the other dogs. However, every now and then, when we are letting the dogs out, she will just trot to the edge of the terrace and stop there. That is not her normal behaviour, so we must conclude that she does feel the weight of her coming motherhood to some extent.

06.10.2008 - Buggy's agility training
Buggy's agility skills are improving steadily. She has been introduced to all obstacles and masters almost all of them, the see saw is the only one which she has tried only once.
She is now pretty stable in the weaves, mounted with guides and entry guides. Next step is training the entry at different angles.

Weaves training September 2008.

Buggy negotiates the A-frame in "Sheltie-A-Frame-Style", flying over the top after just two training sessions.
So far all training has been based on "forward" to a lid with treats. Yesterday we tried some handling for the first time. The exercise was a simple turn (thightly) around the side of the jump she had just negotiated. This went really well. Buggy is a bit insecure when she has to take an obstacle without the lid/treat at the end. However, as soon as I turned and gave the command she turned and accellerated towards me - which was really positive!

17.09.2008 - Emsi was ultra sound scanned!
And this time the mating was a success!
The Vet was sure that there are at least two puppies, as they could be seen simultaneously. He was of the oppinion that there may be three and even four puppies, but that is fairly uncertain.
It was very positive to see that the puppies were very energetic.
We are looking very much forward to welcoming the puppies to this world around October 12th, which is Emsis due date. We have started the preparations so that everything is ready when they come.

02.09.2008 - When agilty is not allowed...
Then you have to pass the time in the company of a friend!
After Emsi has been mated we have stopped training agility with her. This means she has to find other methods for having fun.
Nicolai & Emsi - Photo: Henriette Kjær
Emsi and Nicolais friendship has really evolved the last couple of months. Above we got a snapshot of them laying in our bed, watching cartoons and just having a good time. Emsi istn't there for the movie but she looks very cosy all the same!
Mille was, until recently, Nicolais preferred dog when he needed one to pet, probably because she was more calm compared to the young dogs. But recently it is as if Emsi has discovered that Nicolai isn't always wild and running around, but instead can be nice and used for cuddling. It is a good circle because when Emsi is more calm Nicolai is more likely to want to be in her company. Sometimes Nicolai calls Emsi from his own bed and Emsi will jump from the couch, wag her tail, and go to his room and lay beside his bed .

19.08.2008 - Emsi has been mated
Nox & Nicolai - Photo: Henriette Kjær Emsi was mated three times from August 11th to August 15th. We are now crossing our fingers in hope of puppies in about 8 weeks! This means that Emsi (hopefully) will not participate in the FUFA Danish Championships or the DcH Danish Championships, for which she is qualified.
The start of the mating was a bit hectic due to the fact that it is somewhat difficult to judge precisely when she is coming into heat. Sunday afternoon we had talked with Kristin og Thomas from Excellent Choice Shelties, and agreed that we could pick up Nox in the evening and then bring him back Wednesday or Thursday, where we originally had planned to go to Germany to mate Emsi.
We are really happy that we had the opportunety to get to know Nox a little bit better during the days he stayed with us. He is a really sweet dog with a wonderfull personality. He just entered our home and behaved as if he had been here many times before, although Emsi did attract a good deal of attention of course!
But he was really great and just relaxed in our company, even though he could see Emsi all the time through a grate. They took turns staying in a small room which is in direct connection with our living room. As you can see in the picture of Nox and Nicolai, we taught Nox to sit in the furniture ;-). Nox and Nicolai got along really well, although Nox has never been used to small children.
Thursday we went to Germany and stayed until Saturday. Emsi was mated on Friday and we tried again Saturday, but at that point the "fun and games" were over. Emsi was really displeased with Nox and he was not that interested any more. The picture of the two together was taken in Kristin and Thomas' garden.

Emsi & Nox - Photo: Kristin Henkel

07.08.2008 - Emsi will be mated
Emsi is now in heat again and yesterday she was at the vet for a small check up before she will be mated.
Her date is once again Nox at
For more information see puppies.

04.08.2008 - DKK Viby / Maxi Zoo Cup
Photo: Henriette Kjær - Maxi Zoo Cup winners 2008 Sunday August 3rd was the was the second and final Maxi Zoo Cup 2008 - and our team Trip Trap Støv...Ring made a convincing performance with another victory with a clean run. Two other teams also made clean runs, however our time was the best.
This of course resulted in the combined victory as our team also won the first race with a clean run (as the only team), which actually meant that we had room for one error (if we could make a fast time). The victorious team was the same as in April; Laila / Louie, Jesper / Indi og Jesper / Emsi.

Relay - Maxi Zoo Cup, 3rd August 2008.

The winners received a huge trophy (see the picture!) which they get to keep until next year. Furthermore each dog received; a bag of dog food, a medal, flowers, and a gift certificate for DKK 1500,- (€ 200,-) from the sponsor, the pet shop "Maxi Zoo"!

Emsi also won Jumping cl. 3 and GoGo made a clean run in Jumping cl. 1 (2nd place). All in all GoGo had some very nice runs with only minor errors, which unfortunately gave a couple of refusals :-)

Henriette and GoGo, Jumping cl. 1. - DKK Viby 03.08.2008.

07.07.2008 - Double Hat-Trick - DcH Frederikshavn.
Photo: Helle Jensen - GoGo GoGo and Emsi both scored hat-trick at DcH Frederikshavn this weekend. They both ran three clean runs!
Emsi won AG open, Jumping open (and thereby "Best in two open"), and Jumping cl. 3. Furthermore this was the last clean run in Jumping open Emsi needed in order to qualify for the DcH National Championships.
GoGo won Jumping cl. 2, finished second in Agility cl. 1 (after Catrine/Jerry), and placed third in Jumping open (after Jesper/Emsi and Laila/Louie) i.e. hat-trick for our club DcH Støvring :-). This is so far the best results for GoGo at one competition!
Just to mention a few of the other results from the competition; Laila/Louie ran four clean runs, Helle/Aya won both Jumping open and Agility open, and Lene/Trisse also won "Best in two open" - yet another hat-trick for DcH Støvring!

19.06.2008 - One week agility course at Ribe Hundevenner
Photo: Lene Wøhliche - Emsi From June 3rd to June 7th we were (as usual) at an agility handler course in Ribe. The club "Ribe Hundevenner" is the host at this annual event. The setting and organisation were, as usual, perfect, just like the food was excellent! It is a nice luxury to be served three meals a day plus coffee and fruit at the break in the afternoon. Despite the hard work on the agility course it is also a nice holiday.
Each day consisted of 3 training sessions, which were 2 hours each (9-11, 13-15, and 16-18 o'clock). Each dog and handler had a schedule which meant that one day you would train in sessions one and three and the next day you would only train in session no. two. Thursday was our day off, so that the dogs and handlers could gather their strength and the lessons could sink in. This year the instructors were Jens Nilsson (Sweden) and Peter Crone (Denmark) who stepped in as Åsa Söderman had cancelled. Fortunately complemented Jens and Peter each other very well. The elements we trained with each of them were not that different (but not the same either) and the way they wanted us to run and handle were also very much alike. This meant that things you had trained with one of them could be "taken along" and used with the other.

GoGo and Henriette training with Peter

We learned some things that we could go home and train and improve, and that is afterall the main reason for taking an agility course!
As usual we relaxed and had a nice time in the evenings and one day we went to Ribe to get an ice cream cone. Particularly Friday evening was a lot of fun. Emsi treated everybody with a glass of champagne to celebrate her recent title of Jumping Champion and we also celebrated Henriettes birthday with beer, soda, and chips.

25.05.2008 - Emsi is now Danish Jumping Champion!
Emsi & Jesper - Photo: Helle Jensen Emsi won her first official title Sonday 25th of May when she won jumping class 3 in Odense. This was her third win and she therefore got the title DKSPCH (Danish Jumping Champion)!
This was one year and one week after her debut on Hjerl Hede.
To win the title Emsi made 9 clean runs (and wins) in just 14 competitions (equal to 16 races) which is a pretty good track record! Emsi won the three certificates in Viby, Ribe og Odense. She advances from class 2 to class 3 in Viby and won the first certificate the day after. To secure the championship the next two certificates were won at the following two competitions within 5 weeks and in a total of just 6 races in jumping class 3.
The picture on the right is from a sequence with five jumps making a slightly curved "fence", where we experimented a little bit with runing backwards. Thank you to Helle Jensen for this picture.

Jesper & Emsi, 3rd victory in cl.3, DKSPCH

17.05.2008 - GoGo won her first competition and advanced to jumping cl. 2 in DcH!
GoGo won her first competition Saturday, 17th of May at a DcH competition in Skagen. This was her third clean run in jumping cl. 1 and she therefore advances to cl. 2.
GoGo demonstrated better skill in the weaves with more speed and greater confidence. She still seems to think that it is enough after 9 or 10 gates. Another positive thing was that she did not get a single refusal on the contacts! She has been rather reluctant when it came to unknown contacts.
Emsi won jumping cl. 3 and agility open class. This means that she is missing just one clean run in the jumping class open in order to qualify for the DcH Danish Championships.

12.05.2008 - Danish Kennel Club (DKK) Competition
Emsi - Photo: Gitte Hoffmeister During the weekend of Pentecost Ribe Hundevenner held a 3-day long competition, one day was qualification for the FUFA Danish Championships.
As usual they had organised a very nice event. The prices were "I Owe You's" for which you could "buy" prices at the "Price Shop", which was open 2 or 3 times during each day. The prices were separated on different tables worth one, two, three, and four+ IOU's. A really clever system which requires that the organizer has A LOT of prices, so that the winner of the last races each day isn't left with the prices nobody wants. However Ribe Hundevenner made a perfect job of filling up the tables during the day - praise to them for that system!
Saturday Emsi started with clean runs (and first places) in both agility 2 and jumping 3, which also secured her the second certificate in jumping. This was only her 10th DKK competition since she started competing on May 19th 2007! She made it through the two open classes (agility and jumping) with faults.
Sunday was a total disaster for Emsi (or her handler) in the class races. However, jumping open was a clean run and a win plus it was the final qualification for the FUFA Danish Championships!
GoGo got her first result in DKK agility kl. 1 and on top of that she even placed second! There was a noticeable improvement both in her will to negotiate the contacts and in finishing the weave, we hope this development continues.
Monday Emsi was qualified for the finals, but unfortunately she was disqualified due to bad planning and course walking from her handler.
Emsi, however, placed second in both "fun classes" which were "Guess your time" and "Time Fault & Out", while jumping cl. 3 was yet another disqualification.

21.04.2008 - Buggy moves in with us!
Today was the day where we got our new dog from Excellent Choice in Germany.
Buggy is 3 years old and her owners had to find a new home for her and we were lucky enough to get her! Read more about Buggy on her homepage.

20.04.2008 - DKK Agility Competition in Viby
Emsi - Photo: Jesper Kjær This weekend at the agility competition in Viby Emsi really excelled with 8 clean runs in 12 races - resulting in 8 first places!
This included the first place in the Maxi Zoo Cup relay, which was a team realy with 35 obstacles for 3-dog teams. Emsi and Jesper had to step in as Helle Jensen with Aya unfortunately had sprained her ankle. The team otherwise consisted of Laila and Jesper Carstensen with Louie and Indi respectively.
The last part of the Cup is held August 3rd 2008, where we hope to defend our position!

Relay - Maxi Zoo Cup April 19th 2008.

Friday there was Jumping Open (no Agility Open) + Jumping and agility classes 1 through 3.
Emsi won Jumping Open and Jumping cl. 2, advanced to cl. 3 and received a disqualification there, in Agility cl. 2 she got 5 faults.
Saturday there was Jumping and Agility Open classes (which together with the Jumping Open from Friday was qualification runs for a Final at the end of the day) + Jumping and agility classes 1 through 3.
Emsi won Agility Open and Jumping Open (which qualified her for the finals with maximum points.)
The Maxi Zoo Cup relay was held in the middle of the day, where our team "Trip Trap Støv.....ring", as already mentioned, won. Emsi also won Jumping cl. 3 and thereby received her first certificate for her Jumping Champion title. In Agility cl. 2 we once again had a run with 5 faults.
Saturday ended with the finals (an agility parcour) where the 8 small dogs with the most points from the open classes competed. Emsi had a very nice clean run and won the final!
Sunday was a short day for Emsi as we only ran Jumping Open and Agility Open.
Unfortunately Jumping Open was another disqualification; however Agility Open was yet another victory!
Emsi won 85kg of dog food in total - in the picture on the right she is standing on top of her price mountain.

01.04.2008 - Emsi was ultrasound scanned again
Emsi was at the vet today for a check up and a second ultrasound scanning. As we already suspected there was no puppies in sight. This means that we once aging must make the trip to Germany the next time she comes into heat. This also means that it is time to return to the agility training and the competitions!

29.03.2008 - DKK Agility Competition at Finstrupgaard Ridecenter
DcH Støvring held a DKK agility competition in an indoor riding facility and here Mille won her first agility certificate.
And this was only 3 weeks prior to her 10th birthday!
There was also a "golden slalom" competition, which was only three obstacles; hurdle, weave, hurdle. The hurdles were approximately 6 meters from the weaves and the time was measured electronically. Emsi really shined and beat all competitors in mini. The price was two really nice collapsible training hurdles + a bucket with treats from Olivers and a toy.

19.03.2008 - Emsi was ultrasound scanned today
Unfortunately the vet was not able to see any puppies inside Emsi :-(
We have got a new appointment in two weeks, but it doesn't seem like there is much hope for any puppies this time round...

18-02-2008 - Emsi has been mated
Read more here; puppies.